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Avenida Paseo del Puerto, Plaza Ka’anil, local number 3
“A unique place full of history” The ruins of Chacchoben is a place that belongs to the classic Mayan period with beautiful architecture, pyramidal buildings, wonderful views, one of the most recent places discovered in the Mayan world, surrounded by songbirds of vegetation, spidermonkeys, beautiful trees such as mahogany , sapodilla. tree, ramón, fig, chaca, etc. Perfect place to connect with nature that you and your family will enjoy for two hours walking through the jungle with a local guide. After the visit to the ruins of Chacchoben, we will visit a pineapple plantation located just 15 minutes from the ruins of Chacchoben, it will also be a very pleasant hike in a typical Mayan path (sakbej Camino blanco in Mayan language). The local guides will take you to learn the way in which our local people (Mayan descendants) grow this tropical fruit, at the same time you can experience how to make the natural pineapple juice, interacting with the farmers, ending the tour with a delicious meal. And as a medium ingredient fresh and very sweet pineapples.
Duration: 5 hours of travel. All ages (children must be accompanied by an adult). Start time: One hour after the arrival of the boats. Meeting point: Sakbej office in Costa Maya. Riks of this tour: Low. If necessary, you can do part of this tour in a wheelchair with a little help. In the ruins, our visitors have the possibility to climb the large basement (the largest building in Chacchoben to enjoy a spectacular view) and some steps from the rest of the smaller temples. In the whole area there are ropes that indicate the limit of steps allowed to climb. Sometimes, the steps of the buildings are sleepy, so it is recommended to climb always with caution, it is recommended to children who expect a baby does not climb the steps during the visit. Includes: • Full transportation, taxi from the port of Costa Maya, departure to our agency Sakbej, round trip (Costa Maya – ruins of Chacchoben and pineapple plantation and back to Costa Maya). In the ruins of Chacchoben we have first aid, local craft shops and a coffee shop are not accepted. • Vehicle with air conditioning. • Certificate local tourist guide, specialized in Mayan culture (English, Spanish or French) that will be in charge of your trip from that moment. Entrance to the ruins. • Bottle of water during the tour. • Visit explanation and food in pineapple plantation. • Travel insurance Our rate: a payment is required to confirm a space for this tour. Adults: USD $90. Children: USD $80
Recommendations: Wear a hat and sunscreen, most of the time it’s sunny, wear comfortable walking shoes. It is recommended to take extra money if you want to make purchases at local stores. In Chacchoben, credit cards are not accepted. Restrictions: The tour is best appreciated by children of 6 years or more.
Payment Policies
Prepayment / Cancellation
Allowed Cancellation: No
Time allowed to free: 2 day
Term & Condition
We invite you to read our terms and conditions carefully before making your reservation, it will be a pleasure to clarify your doubts

Cell phone: +52 983 168 42 03
Address: Avenida Paseo del Puerto; Plaza Ka’anil local N 3; Mahaual CP 77976 Othon P Blanco.

You must pay to make your reservation to ensure a space on our excursions.

Cancellations of the tour must be made 48 hours before the day of the reservation otherwise a penalty of $20 USD per person will be charged.

Refund conditions:
The refund of the full payment always applies when the cancellation is made in a timely manner. The full payment will be refunded in case the cruise cancels your arrival in Costa Maya.

In Sakbej we offer safe guided tours where physical participation is required (walking, climbing stairs or steps) that is why our visitors must be in good health and able to understand and follow the instructions of our operation team. We invite you to share with us if you have recently had some illness or surgery that could physically limit your skills, if so please inform our company before making a reservation.

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